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The iwalu mission:

Inspire, encourage,  and inform healthy lifestyles.

iwalu™ is committed to support the health and vitality of you and
your loved ones.

Nature inspires our products, services, and healthy lifestyle blog.

iwalu’s expert customer care team is dedicated to help you
maximize the benefits of iwalu products.


The Shared Journey

Health is rooted in our connection to nature. The return to harmony with our natural environment is our collective imperative.

Iwalu is dedicated to helping others come home to natural wellness and a sustainable lifestyle.

We invite you to explore our natural and organic formulas, plus check out our HealthKicks! weekly newsletter. It’s a wonderful free resource for learning and applying current natural health trends. Week-by-week, join us as we explore health and fitness trends in natural wellness, nutrition, and organic personal care.

The Conversation

At iwalu, we are here to serve as your partner in health. Natural vitality and healthy lifestyles are a central conversation at iwalu.

Join us in the vision and co-creation of a culture that values personal, collective, and environmental wellness.

Thank you for prioritizing your health <3

The Promise

Our team is here to support your commitment to sustainable healthy living. Remember to look for detailed product guides and fitness tips – plus free offers along with every order.

Whether you find our products here or elsewhere, you can be assured of the absolute best quality and product support. We hope our forever returns guarantee policy gives you the confidence to try our effective natural products and experience the results for yourself.

Let’s Connect

Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. If it’s outside our normal business hours, please email us,  drop us a text, or use the site messenger:

Customer Service Hours – 9 AM to 6 PM (PST USA)

Monday through Friday

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